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Rescue International FRS Frequency Plan
Effective August 1998 - Updated December 2005

FRS Frequencies
1  -462.5625   Wilderness Area General Calling Channel for non-emergencies (no CTCSS Tone)
                        Directions, Weather and other information.
2  -462.5875
3  -462.6125
4  -462.6375
5  -462.6625
6  -462.6875   National Emergency Calling Channel No Tone Guard on Receive - 118.8 on TX  This will allow Ranger Stations/SAR or other 
                             groups  to monitor the channel without interference and allow for tone control on remote monitoring systems in remote areas
7  -462.7125   National SAR Operations and Mutual Aid Channel with CTCSS tone of 118.8
8  -467.5625
9  -467.5875  National Garmin RINO Emergency calling channel with CTCSS tone 11  (9-11 get it)
                                For use with the RINO Peer to Peer radio positioning capability only (CTCSS used to allow quite monitoring at parks and remote areas)
10 -467.6125
11 -467.6375
12 -467.6625
13 -467.6875
14 -467.7125

FREQ 462.675     Recommended Rino SAR Repeater Operations channel 

Tone 118.8 is tone code 17 on Rino's and most Motorola and many other makes of FRS radios.

Many one and two channel FRS radios use different channels, FRS CH 1 is common. On search operations the ability to monitor and transmit on all channels is preferred.  Most Radio Shack 1 or two channel radios will be on FRS CH-8 (Channel A) and FRS Channel 6 (Channel B).

We are in the process of making a list of common FRS channels by Manufacture for 1-2 channel radios.  If you have radios not set up the same as above please e-mail the layout to us.

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