Rescue International

Disaster Assistance Response Team


Volunteers are needed to respond to disasters, in the US to assist with recovery operations.


Disaster Assistance Response Team (RI-DART) members will be trained to respond to disaster or major events in their region and nationally. Basic training is done on line, Advanced hands on training will include FEMA Community Emergencies Response Team (CERT) and First Aid training offered across the country. Advanced DART training will be offered across the US in major cities. Responders must be 18 or older, pass required background check and have certain personnel gear that we will assist certified members in getting.

How This Helps Communities

DART trained members can provide light rescue and basic First Aid, wide area community searching for persons and as feasible animals in need. Provide recovery assistance to persons and communities in the aftermath of such events. Including helping with restoring local public safety service, restore communications like internet data, for 1st responders, shelters and citizens to access important web services and critical phone calls. Assist with shelter operations and assist residents with basic immediate recovery and salvage needs. There is a way for most everyone to help our cause.

National and Regional sponsors are needed to help in our mission, email us for more details.

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