The First Human Live Victim scent generator for USAR

Canine Search Technichan 2 (K9TEC-2)

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Presented by Rescue International 

Includeds Scent 101 and Advance Scent Training
For Wilderness, Water and Urban SAR Dog Teams

A classroom and field training session designed to allow you to better understand the travel of human scent. How to plan and deploy K9 teams.

Instructed by RI staff

This training session is intended to provide the air scent and trailing K-9 handler with knowledge of K9 search area planning and basic and advance scent travel in the wilderness or when working standing or collapsed buildings. 


  • What is scent. How dogs scent
  • How to plan search areas
  • Common scent terminology, how the nose works
  • How scent travels overland
  • How scent reacts to the terrain
  • Effects of thermal breezes
  • How wind effects scent travel
  • Hot and cold weather
  • Scent travel in buildings 
  • The effect on scent from deep burial in collapsed structures
  • How scent travels in a collapsed structures 
  • Water Search theories
  • Logs
  • GPS use for the K9 team
  • Use of Scent Generators for training water, cadaver, and live subject USAR search dogs
  • The USAR Dog a scent detector or Co2 Detector?

 Attendees will learn the effects that the environment plays on human scent travel in the wilderness, on water and in buildings.  This session is instructed with the aid of slides and video demonstration.  Hands on demonstration of the use of scent generators, smoke generators and smoke bombs.  There will be hands on work of the dogs,  sessions will have problem solving with canines and multiple instructors. 

         On day two participants will spend the AM in the classroom working on K9 search management practices, understand why and how handler areas are determined, students will see how to lay out multiple K9 search areas, review how to plan advanced area searches like cadaver, disaster, water search and building search.

On Sunday PM students will get to work basic and advanced specialized live and cadaver problems.

Cost is $85 for both days to cover certificate, handouts and refreshments.
 K9 spots limited
This class is designed for all levels of handlers K9 work will be more suited for intermediate to advanced operational K9 Teams, Search managers and K9 support personnel (all dogs will be given chances to work based on skill levels) BUT be aware there is a lot of class room and demos.  Limited transport from Newark airport is available.

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