Rescue International's

Scent 101 and Advance Scent Training
For Wilderness, Water and Urban SAR Dog Teams

A classroom and field training session designed to allow you to better understand the travel of human scent.

Instructed by Bruce Barton, Chief and Canine Handler NESAR

This training session is intended to provide the airscent and trailing K-9 handler with knowledge of basic and advance scent travel in the wilderness or when working standing or collapsed buildings.



Attendees will learn the effects that the environment plays on human scent travel in the wilderness, on water and in buildings.  This session is instructed with the aid of slides and video demonstration.  Hands on demonstration of the use of scent generators, smoke generators and smoke bombs.  There will be limited work of the dogs for shorter classes, day long sessions will have problem solving with canines and multiple instructors.  We use Closed Circuit TV cameras to allow students a view never before offered to handlers as a group.


 Human scent sphere used to pipe live human scent into a ruble pile or building

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