Water Search with Dogs

A course of instruction in:
 Training Canines to find Drowning Victims

Watch for up coming seminars or request information on hosting a class in your area.

Basic and Advance level program tracks.

Instructed by Bruce Barton and other experienced Rescue Int'l K9 handlers 

Rescue International's course of training teaches the handler and dog the basics to train canines to locate a drowning victim in a moving or standing body of water.

This course of instruction was developed by Bruce Barton A-Chief of Northeast Search and Rescue  and other experienced handlers

Chief Barton is a canine handler and trainer has participated in many dozen's of water searches since 1975 and has over 50 confirmed body locations between his two dogs. He has trained dozens of handlers in water search, as well as other canine specialty search disciplines. 

This course is 16 hours long  with each afternoon session consisting of practical work, on the water with the K-9's. Non-Handlers can also complete the class to better understand and prepare themselves for working with a dog team or as a search manager.

This class will be limited to 12  K9 teams.

Each student will receive a copy of RI's Water Search with Dogs Training Manual, Agency Handouts and view the Water Search with Dogs training Video.

Students will be educated in:

Classroom training shall be presented using a combination of Slides, Overheads, and Video of actual searches and training sessions.

Hands on sessions shall allow handlers and their K-9 partners experience in water searching under controlled conditions, this will allow positive repetitive training of search teams.  It will include training with divers and natural human scent sources from both the land and a boat.  

Students will receive a certificates of completion, this is to be given to all students that complete the course of instruction.

Students may request an operations evaluation and certification on the third day of 3 day classes.  If given at that class, all students passing will receive a certificate of operational readiness (this is for advanced mature dogs that have had pre-class training), ask for details when registering (Limited Number).

Cost  Handler and Canine is $60-$150 and a dog less participant is $30-$75 depending on location and sponsor

Please contact course coordinator Bruce Barton by e-mail at bbarton@rescueinternational.org for more information on a class in your area.

Water Search with Dogs Training Program - Pocket Manual and Video

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