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Water Search with Dogs

Complete Training Program for Water Searching with Dogs for Drowning Victims

Manual - Video Tape

This program will allow the reader to start training themselves and their dog to locate the victims of a drowning in most types of water.


This manual and video was developed by Bruce Barton.  Bruce has been working SAR dogs for over 22 years and has worked his K9 on over 60 actual operational water searches with 47 confirmed locations between his two German Shepherds, he has also supervised many more water searches guiding other handlers and SAR teams to complete the recovery.  Bruce has trained, handled and worked with K-9's from across the world over the past 32 years,  his experiences include many major national and international disasters as well as hundreds of wilderness searches.  This program also brings in the valuable experience of other handlers, you will be given an easy to follow training program in an outline format along with a video that shows what they are telling you in the manual. The video also shows dogs working actual water searches.

The video is professionally produced and edited by a fine Washington DC production house and runs appox. 25 minutes.

Hands  on training classes are also available from Rescue International click here

Water Search with Dogs Training Program Prices
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K9M-2  Water Dog Manual Only $14.95 $5.00
K9S-2  Water Dog Tape and Manual $34.95 $5.95

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